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Allfield: The Girl in the Jar Musical Soundtrack!

Posted at 10:28PM EST on 11/30/19

Allfield features a full-length musical soundtrack by Bert Jerred.

Track List:

1. The Everthought

2. Song of Ksmeth

3. Lada's Theme

4. Main Adventure Theme

5. Syet Village

6. Noro

7. Fussit Brothers

8. Where the World Began

9. The Jars

10. Spies

11. Dowluk Parade

12. The Glass Wastelands

13. Bonigan Pass (Friendship Theme)

14. A Different Lada

15. Faraway Observatories

16. Bonus: Find Me in the Gipp Grasses

Allfield Music Soundtrack Cover by Bert Jerred

Free Track: Orina (Where the World Began)

Sample Clip: Song of Ksmeth

Sample Clip: Lada's Theme

Link to Bert's Site

Here you can learn more about Bert and his music and other projects!

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