Allfield Soundtrack Cover Art

Here is the album cover artwork for the newly-finished Allfield Soundtrack by Bert Jerred. It is from an early scene in The Girl in the Jar, part 1 of my series. Hope you enjoy it!

Allfield Soundtrack by Bert Jerred Cover Art

Track Listing (May change on release)…

  1. The Everthought
  2. Song of Ksmeth
  3. Lada’s Theme
  4. Main Adventure Theme
  5. Syet Village
  6. Noro
  7. The Fussit Brothers
  8. Orina (Where the World Began)
  9. The Jars
  10. Desperate Seekers
  11. Dowluk Parade
  12. The Wastelands
  13. Bonigan Pass (Friendship Theme)
  14. A Different Lada
  15. BONUS TRACK: The Observatories
  16. BONUS TRACK: Find Me In the Gipp Grass

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