First Draft Drawn of Girl In The Jar PLUS Full Song from Soundtrack: “Where the World Began”

Girl in the Jar Allfield Comics Closeup

Allfield Soundtrack Cover Art

Here is the album cover artwork for the newly-finished Allfield Soundtrack by Bert Jerred. It is from an early scene in The Girl in the Jar, part 1 of my series. Hope you enjoy it!

Allfield Soundtrack by Bert Jerred Cover Art

Track Listing (May change on release)…

  1. The Everthought
  2. Song of Ksmeth
  3. Lada’s Theme
  4. Main Adventure Theme
  5. Syet Village
  6. Noro
  7. The Fussit Brothers
  8. Orina (Where the World Began)
  9. The Jars
  10. Desperate Seekers
  11. Dowluk Parade
  12. The Wastelands
  13. Bonigan Pass (Friendship Theme)
  14. A Different Lada
  15. BONUS TRACK: The Observatories
  16. BONUS TRACK: Find Me In the Gipp Grass

Listen to a Preview of Allfield: The Girl in the Jar Music Soundtrack

Digital music production
Bert showing me a bit of his latest processes and thoughts as he reviews some soundtrack titles

I’ve always loved the immersion of fictional worlds, whether I’m reading great books or seeing imaginary stories being brought to life on screen. This is why I’m still working on Allfield-an idea I’ve been kicking around since I was tiny. And a music soundtrack is a large component of stirring the imagination and emotion and creating an imaginary world in one’s head.

Amazing technology allows ordinary people like me the ability to use tools and software which in the past were reserved only for big budget corporations. Now making music, video games, film and animation is possible for anyone with access to off-the-shelf computers and the internet. These behind-the-scenes posts will explore my experience getting the opportunity to play and build worlds of narrative artwork using these unbelievable tools.


I have always thought of Allfield as an umbrella of different, related things – a kind of creative project engine. Programming games-to play and for pre-visualization of artwork and animation-was what I wanted. In my vision I saw  cards, animation, and books. Today, there are many more branches of “what could be” in this project. But one thing is for certain-music is a vital component of transporting people to other imaginary places. And even more certain-I knew who had to create it.

I know a guy

My brother has been creating a huge catalog of an amazing variety of music for years and years. His music has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, and has been used on television in things like National Geographic, Brain Games, CNN and ThinkGeek to name a few. He is an educator and has a diverse set of projects and interests.

Here you can learn about and subscribe to his podcast about synth music!

For more information, his main website is, jamendo – here, – here, soundcloud – here, and if you search him on youtube you’ll see a zillion people making crazy videos with his music. While music is not his full time career, it is something he loves to do which shows in all of his work.

Touring the studio

So I wanted to share a glimpse into an amazing home studio Bert Jerred has been using for over 20 years. During that time he has been honing his approach and his tools. This guy constructed each piece of his studio from various computers and machines, and the wealth of (to me- overwhelming) array of software tools available.

Keyboard and Mic
Here’s a mix of modern with the kind of keyboard I remember from being a kid.

Between computers and microphones and synthesizers are records, guitars, basses, drums, and many other traditional instruments. Occasionally there are things I don’t recognize which could be the inside of a tablet or a time machine, I would not know.

Little piece of tech
I think this is a computer, but I have no idea!
Books, instruments, records, and walls covered with pastel-chalk murals.

Creating the soundtrack

While he definitely has a few kinds of software he is using now, Bert doesn’t seem entrenched in any brand for its own sake, rather he has a fluid and adaptable approach. Fun, functionality, sound, and efficiency seem to be important aspects of his workflow-both in the music and what is happening under the hood of the tech.

Sequences of music composed into songs!

Bert uses a balance of purely-digital tools and live recordings, until its mixed and the distinctions are seamlessly blended together. Its a one man operation that sounds like a studio full of musicians.

Listen to some clips here!

Here are just a couple of short clips to songs from the soundtrack:

Lada’s Theme (30 second preview clip)

Song of Ksmeth (30 second preview clip)

Orina (30 second preview clip)

Hope you enjoyed this – let me know what you think and please share. Soon the full graphic novel, the full Allfield card game, and the entire music soundtrack will be available for supporting on Kickstarter.