Appa yip yip (Puppy, get off my stuff)

Appa is a two year old Havanese puppy (our kids named her after the flying bison in Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, the best cartoon ever.) Lately she has to be wherever I am. She is the first small dog we ever had. Sometimes acts as though she’s part cat.

I have a little area in the sun room to draw in. I’m sorting out pages while I’m drawing and spreading out on the floor a bit, making a little mess.

pages of Allfield
spreading out pages trying to reorganize

Appa found my drawings and thought it was a great bed. It was funny and cute for like two seconds. But I was sitting there actively sorting them when she came in and plopped down. Then she started rolling on them and digging them like she was settling down for the night. I didn’t take any more photos because the room immediately turned into flying papers, ripped papers, and chaos.

Time to set up a temporary table!

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