One young fan liked Allfield cards so much he made his own

One of the greatest things about this project is when it triggers another’s imagination. One young fan liked Allfield so much he started making his own characters and animals and monsters.

These drawings are outstanding, and I wanted to share them online.

Allfield Fan Art
Amazing color Allfield fan art drawings
Allfield Fan Art
Amazing Allfield fan art drawings
Allfield Fan Art
Amazing color Fan Art Drawings

While going over these drawings it only seemed natural that I tried to adapt some of these characters to the comic’s drawing style and even include these into an official deck as a sign of appreciation and gratitude.

Here is an example of how I turned a design into an official card drawing:

And finally with color and put into a card format:

Adapted Allfield Card
Adapting fan design into Allfield card design.

As I get ready for a new school year, it is an incredible privilege to stop and enjoy and share moments like these with children’s imaginative artwork.

About the Allfield Game

Over the years I’ve taught students from pre-k up through college. I have been fortunate to work with and watch thousands of people interact in a classroom from age 3 to 88 years old. I found they all share a common need-they needed to be heard and listened to.

Students need practice talking, listening, taking turns, and working together in a structured format. This is especially important for younger students and frustrated students. Therefore I wanted to make a game that addressed these ideas, and have it be all-age friendly. I created a tabletop-card game – a super simple storytelling rpg, which mimics how kids play pretend, but has enough structure to balance all players’ voices.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the game, and maybe even emulate this young artist and create your own. Feel free to send me any of your thoughts or drawings.

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