Preview Decks – How I Prepared Mine So Far

Which Cards To Print?

Here is a glimpse into the process of how I made promotional preview decks of 60 cards.

The Allfield Storytelling Card Game is made up of 300 cards. While I want people to have the whole thing in their hands as soon as possible, it is too expensive a task to create them as promotional items. Therefore, I selected 60 cards for the print and play as well as a limited physical preview decks for reviewers, stores, and gaming groups. Picking 60 cards out of 300 I wanted to see printed and complete was a hard chore in itself!

I went with offset printing and printed them with Oswego Printing in Oswego, NY-which is only about 15 minutes away.

So many boxes of preview deck cards arrive
Boxes and Boxes and Boxes everywhere

Sorting Cards Into Preview Decks

I have room for storage but I wanted to spread out and collate some decks for boxing. This wasn’t going to happen in my studio, which I thought was big, but not for a project of this size. Therefore, I headed to Artistree Studios during Open Studio time and spent several hours making deck piles on the tables. Here the ink and uv varnish still smelled fresh on the cards.

Collating Preview Decks at Artistree Studios
There’s plenty of room to spread out and work at Artistree’s Open Studio

A lot of cutting and gluing!

Locally I don’t have many options for printing die cut packaging, so I braced myself for finishing the next step on my own: packaging. First I measured the deck’s thickness and other dimensions. From there I used pencil, paper, and my trusty ruler to design a box that would fit the cards. Another big step was designing and adapting graphics in photoshop. These are preview decks, so I am not thinking about bar codes or any of that yet.

I went with a big name office supply store to make some color copies on card stock. The next step was cutting, scoring, folding, and gluing by hand. I didn’t want to shrink wrap these so I bought some round removable sticker labels and used those to hold boxes closed.

Allfield Preview Decks ready to share
A small box of preview decks ready to go!

More On Allfield Cards…

That’s it! I have many, many more decks and boxes to put together, but I hope this was interesting, or helpful-either in terms of what I did, or learning from what I should do better next time!

If you’re interested in being a reviewer of Allfield and want to get your hands on a preview deck of your own, you can find and order them on the right side of this page! Soon I will be posting information on an upcoming Kickstarter to print the full 300 card games, release the full length graphic novel of part 1 in Allfield titled “The Girl in the Jar”, and even a full musical soundtrack by Bert Jerred. There will be digital assets for online gaming sites such as Roll20 or Tabletop Simulator, and even an in-browser Allfield game. Right now there is a preview of the comic on this site, as well as directions and a print and play for the game which are all now available to anyone. If you like what you are seeing here, please share it!

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