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Allfield is a small world whose name is taken from the old Abuchesed language, where it was originally called Abuthea (Abu-“All”, Thea-“Field”). The world is also called Yaial, after the being that came from an outside dimension and transformed itself into a living planet.

The record of all knowledge of this world is called the Jeteche (“Ten-books”). The history of the world is told through a book series of graphic novels called the Heth-Nedalla (“Many-stories”). The first of the Heth-Nedalla is the Nennocheche (“One-book”) in which the prehistory of the world is recorded. The Nennocheche was written based upon the translations of the Ornuror (“Holy-Drawings”) made by the Red Circle. The Girl in the Jar is the second book of the Heth-Nedalla.

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