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Fan Drover

www.benjerred.com_cardstash_r20_001022.jpgBecomes Wai Sot's personal bodyguard. Troubled and violent. Born in Viopant, his father and mother were guards of the forest, keeping the dark and mutated horrors away from town. He dreamt of doing the same thing, but his father got sick and died from exposure to the unhealthy forest, and his mother because disabled. They lost their jobs and couldn't stay in Viopant and moved to Westary to become general laborers.

Fan grew up strong in the mines below the lakes. His mind grew hard in the mines as well. He realized he had a bit of an intuition about trouble, and predicting when people had ill intentions, which served him and those he worked with. One day, he stopped some fellow monstrous Augather miners from being harmed by a conspiring Utach miner, and saved them. But he missed that the miner had also triggered a cave in and Fan's leg was crushed.

The mine doctors spread hzeh mash on the wounded leg. The extreme pain relief triggered an automatic addiction to the drug, as it was ill-administered by putting too much on. Fan staggered from the mines in a violent stupor in search of more. When he realized that the mash was made from hzeh bark he wandered out of town to get his own from woods and orchards.

For a while he descended into an out of control addiction to the drug, lost his job, and quickly had Nenmark and was exiled. He wandered away, and got the idea to swim out in Lake Coway. He finds an abandoned boat and floats away. He goes through a terrible but complete withdrawal over the next few weeks on the lake, and eventually drifts down creeks to the bigger river. He floats toward Noro, where he ends up.

Wai Sot finds him and hires him as a guard, and for the first time Fan feels his old purpose returning, and does a great job.

Card Info

Series A no. 021 lvl 5 Character

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