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Bud Fussit

www.benjerred.com_cardstash_r20_001013.jpgCallock exile and Syet protector. Concerned deeply with justice. One of the founders of Gated in his later years and establishes the Ballandane.

Early in life, Bud and his brothers lost their parents in an accident. They left the brothers everything they owned, including their own cave in Dolor Caves on Tura Cliffs in Callock, and their own tower in Bouat Zeves in Far Callock.

They went about their business and worked on almanacs in the tower. People were jealous and thought they were strange, as they were also working on their own astronomical theories instead of only adding to the existing theories.

Eventually a group of jealous conspirators laid a deadly trap for the brothers. On the way home the brothers were passing through the steep Solon River valley when the conspirators sprung an ambush and unminded a group of Gajis into the valley. They managed to escape, while Bud held off the worst of the attack. They all survived, but Bud suffered massive wounds and scars all over his body.

Instead of violent revenge, which would be typical of Callockers, the Fussits gathered all their belongings, and burned their Bouat Zeves tower with anything they couldn't carry inside, which was an unexpected or unthinkable act. They gathered their belongings and exiled themselves. They moved south through Callock until they reached Shaan and Syet.

Near the Amelo River, southeast of the Shaan temples, the Fussits found a cave-riddled hill where they lived. The Shaan allowed it because of the information the Fussits provided, and because of the protection they provided Shaan and Syet. They became accepted and even celebrated, but never converted their nationality to Shaan nor Syet. They remained Callocker exiles until their deaths, even when they founded the nation of Gated.

The fussits are the largest recorded Vatael at 4 feet tall and 130 pounds. At the time of the Girl in the Jar, Bud Fussit is 44 years old.

Card Info

Series A no. 012 lvl 10 Character

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