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The Alora are the final gift from the Oressetir to the Nenaoi. The Alora are the “Multitudes.” They overflowed Embendet and Orina and settled all of Abu-Ke, which was surrounded at the time by the Paleh Maolon River. They came in great numbers and in many forms.

Each Oressetir brought forth different groups. From these, Aloran groups eventually divided into tribes, then clans, eventually into blended settlements and other groups. But Aloran descent is generally important information.

Oressetir Alora
Dag Waus, Ather, Shennerset
Lasivit Vatael, Dultepe, Drayspeld
Fare Estric, Jeja, Augather
Emen Darellia, Oserwalin, Mayett
Bronog Canoprat, Hapa, Ghagum

The arrival of the Alorans signaled a major change to the world. They built cities around the Five Great Houses and over the houses themselves they built great temples for the Nenaoi made of transparent panes of Dlan. They connected the many places of Abu-Ke with roads and bridges built from the stones in Bronog's Quarries. They built ships to travel through streams, across lakes, and dive down to explore the depths.

They even created bridges over the Paleh Maolon River and the Nenaoi crossed with them out into the unknown world to greet the Nengar, build their temples and offer them gifts.

The Alora built machines that could see great distances, and listen to the earth deep below the surface of land and water. They devised systems of timestones set into the ground and mazes of pipes to carry water anywhere it was needed. They also discovered and designed an order of communication that could travel long distances called Feather Songs.

Alorans, like the Nenaoi and Oressetir, were born with All-Speech.

After Jank's Temple was built at Fo, Jank was so grateful that it gave to the crowds the four Wayplants called Mdin, Zelbrane, Terenaz, and Notbud, named after each of the four psychic Oceans in the Way. Although Jank was showing gratitude and sharing a gift, many Alorans grew angry, jealous, and resentful about who got them and who didn't. This created a ripple of power and conflict that would last thousands of years into the future.

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